Member News: #IAAS2016 in
Full Swing Despite the Weather

The weather outside might be frightful, but the IAAS class of 2016 is not letting that stop them.

Over the last two weeks, students have met and formed into teams. In the words of our brilliant intern Jessica:

In week one, the 2016 Atlanta Institute of Advanced Advertising Studies got off to a roaring start. We started off with introductions, excitedly welcoming our participants. Teams were carefully formed; our members sat around tables with those they’d be working with for the next 10 weeks. The next stage would be brainstorming, which may just be the most difficult to get hack. The room carefully listened to participants as they shared interesting facts about themselves, informing us which Atlanta-based advertising agency they hail from.

We then showed them what they’d be getting into, as we introduced last year’s impressive winning team, Tequila Mockingbird. They kindly explained their process, setting up the newbies for success. Once the business was handled, it was time for some fun. The room was thrilled with Tommy and Jamie from Laughing Matters, sharing with us the best improv comedy has to offer.

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For our second week of IAAS, Jennifer Garr, SVP Strategy from O & M Atlanta came to share her expertise.  She enlightened our group with  “How To Create Good Work. The Perfect Creative Brief.” 

Through a combination of lecture and interactive activities, Jennifer advised students to go beyond the mundane of brief writing. Her presentation detailed how to create inspirational, exciting briefs that will motivate creative teams to do the best work for both team and client. Following the presentation, our teams got to practice their new knowledge on a mock brief.


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Because of Jennifer’s insight, the IAAS teams could be unstoppable.  Let’s see what their strategies could offer Hooters in the weeks to come!

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