Member News: IAAS 2016 starts tonight
– Meet our new intern!

Just as the excitement of the New Year dies down, we’re here to bring you a fresh event to be excited about: ┬áIAAS 2016 starts tonight!

We’re also happy to introduce you to our new IAAS 2016 intern, Jessica Hartman. Here’s a little about Jessica in her own words:

Jessica HartmanA native New Yorker, I knew at an early age I valued the written word. I attempted to pursue this passion in undergrad, obtaining a BA in English. Since getting published is quite the feat, I decided to pursue a career through which I could entertain my interests yet also eat dinner once in a while.
Last December, I moved to Atlanta with some clothes and my 16 year old dog to start at The Creative Circus. This decision was probably the greatest I’ve ever made. With my peers and the work I’m doing, I’m home.
I often tell people I’m a big kid at heart. I’d choose an amusement park over a bottle of wine. I like to learn constantly, so I’m a bit of a trivia master. Aside from my family and friends, laughter is probably the most important thing to me. I’m 28, and in a year or so post-graduation, I’m hoping to watch my dreams come true.

In addition to helping Sal keep IAAS 2016 moving along efficiently by providing administrative support, Jessica will also share social media updates and provide weekly updates here on the website, in the Friday Recaps.

Make sure you follow @4AsAtlanta on Twitter and like the Facebook page to stay up-to-date.


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