Member News: #IAAS2016 is flying by!

Can you believe that we’re already at the half-way point of this year’s IAAS sessions?

In week 3, the #IAAS2016 met directly with their client, Hooters. The teams were introduced to Chief Marketing Officer Carl Sweat, watching as he proudly detailed his brand. You can definitely see his passion showing, even in still shots!

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Carl presented the teams with their challenge and at the end of the session, they were able to meet with him privately to ask questions.

The teams have spent the weeks since then brainstorming and honing their ideas for their final presentation. Last week, we were finally let in on their ideas as the four teams presented in-depth creative briefs to the client.

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This week the students had a moment to take a break from working on their presentations to learn a bit about social media. As our intern Jessica reported:

“We were lucky to haveĀ Leigha Baugham, Senior Channel Manager of Social at VML as our guest. Leigha shared social strategy with our teams, strengthening their current knowledge with insight on the platforms. She prepared a funny, entertaining presentation followed by the simple question of what would you do for the client?

Our teams were then tasked with coming up with the best social response to a hypothetical situation. Our teams proudly presented, and we were impressed by what they came up with.”

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Each week these superstars give us more to look forward to!

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