Friday Recap: #MakeSafeHappen?

And the winner for most talked about Super Bowl commercial goes to:

As Brittany reports from this week’s IAAS 2015 update:

We kicked off this week by voting on our favorite and least favorite commercials from the big game. Among the resulting stats was an almost unanimous vote for Nationwide as the most unexpected. 

We were fortunate to have Liz Daney, media strategist for from Fitzgerald & CO., as our guest speaker. Liz gave insights on how to use strategic media placement to reach the new consumer.

She started off her presentation with some jarring statistics,”33% of people would give up their TV before their phone and 86% of time on phone is spent on apps. 51% of people would give up sense of smell before technology.”

Each team met one-on-one with Liz to discuss how to take these statistics and translate them into media strategies that will reach the Moe’s target market. 

Spotlight on Team Tequila Mockingbird

Spotlight on Team Tequila Mockingbird

Next week the groups will begin preparing to give creative brief presentations to the clients.

And since it’s Friday afternoon and we know your fingers are itching to do some surfing, here’s some links for you to enjoy:

Happy Friday!



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