Friday Recap: After the Freeze Edition

We don’t know about you, but the sunshine today–after the last few weeks of impending Snowpocalpse II weather– has us feeling just like this:

Bring on Spring!

Fortunately, the bad weather held off long enough for our IAAS 2015 students to have class. Our intrepid intern, Brittany Tooker reports:

This week we were fortunate enough to have Adam Albrecht, Executive Creative Director of Moxie, as our guest speaker. Adam spoke on the creative process, explaining that “the creative team acts as a thesaurus, taking a single compelling idea and spinning it to make it interesting.” He also gave us his definition of good creative work: “ideas and executions that make me jealous.” A huge thank you to 22Squared for sponsoring our meal tonight.
Next week the groups will be showing off all their hard work with a mock-presentation night, where they will get their last bit of feedback before the big night.
Team “Guacaholics” is excited and ready for the challenge!

Team “Guacaholics” is excited and ready for the challenge!

Before you head out to revel in our mid-40’s temperatures this weekend, check out these links:

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