Tim Williams |May 20, 2015
New Leadership Skills for Service Professionals

Agency-client relationships have changed dramatically in the last 10 years.  The days of exclusive, long-term relationships have been replaced by not only more project-oriented work, but the new reality of agencies functioning in a federation of specialized marketing communications firms serving a single client.
Especially for client service professionals, this new environment requires a more nimble collaborative approach that can introduce a new level of complexity in dealing with multiple internal and external stakeholders.


We invite you to join us at Olgilvy Atlanta
on May 20th as
Tim Williams, Founder, Ignition Consulting Group

New Leadership Skills for Service Professionals


Tim Williams, New Leadership Skills for Service Professionals

In this thought-provoking seminar, noted author, international speaker, and presenter, Tim Williams will lead us through exploring the new leadership and management skills that are required to be a successful client service professional today, including:

  • Moving beyond “What do clients need?” to “What are clients trying to accomplish?”
  • Managing priorities, not just timetables
  • Why your primary job is outcomes, not activities
  • Changing your definition of productivity
  • Increasing your professional effectiveness by learning how to put first things first
  • Your role as a strategic generalist who employs the skills and resources of specialists

He’ll also guide us through the tools and techniques necessary to efficiently AND effectively manage client relationships. By the end of the seminar you’ll have a new perspective on how to optimize your professional success through providing better leadership internally and with your clients.

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