Announcing Brittany Tooker, the new IAAS 2015 Intern

We’rBrittany Tooker, IAAS 2015 Interne pleased to announce we have a new staff member, freelance illustrator and designer Brittany Tooker, joining us for the 2015 session of the IAAS.

Brittany, a University of Florida alumnae, was introduced to Sal Kibler through Creative Circus, where she is currently enrolled in the Design program. We were all impressed with her creativity, enthusiasm, and organizational skills.

Brittany will use those skills in providing administrative and social media support to Sal and the rest of the Board members as we strive to keep you updated on the latest news regarding #IAAS2015.

We are all excited to welcome Brittany to the team and hope you’ll extend a warm welcome to her as well!


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